IXSU-F/OXSU-F  Heat-shrinkable termination system with non-linear, zinc oxide stress control for polymeric cables up to 24 kv

IXSU-F/OXSU-F Heat-shrinkable termination system with non-linear, zinc oxide stress control for polymeric cables up to 24 kv

The Raychem IXSU/OXSU series comprise a one-piece termination incorporating the reliable red non-tracking environmental protection tube with a state of the art non-linear, zinc oxide based stress control material. The zinc oxide is dispersed in a mastic matrix and is co-extruded with the red non tracking tube. The mastic provides moisture seals at the top and bottom of the termination, making for a fully integrated, Class 1, one-piece termination. Indoor terminations require no rain sheds, making it ideal for application in confined spaces, especially in the ship building industry. Discrete rain sheds facilitate outdoor, inverted installations. Features & Benefits • All applications for polymeric 1-core, 3-core, armoured and unarmoured cables up to 24 kv • Electrical Stress control based on Raychem ceramic semi-conductor technology (non-linear zinc oxide) providing unsurpassed electrical performance • The mastic based on stress control is co-extruded with the proven red non-tracking Raychem HVOT tubing creating a one-piece termination. Mastic also provides a moisture seal at the ends of the termination • Can be used in combination with Raychem RICS/RCAB/RSRB bushing boots • Enhanced range-taking ability means that one kit fits more conductor sizes, reducing stocking requirements • Unlimited shelf life allows stocking of economic quantities without product spoilage • Components are lightweight and non-shattering • Clear instruction sheets • Fully sealed against water ingress from the environment or from within the conductor strands • Superior AC and impulse voltage withstand capability facilitates very short, shed less terminations ideal for installation in confined spaces. • The integrated stress control mastic also provides a moisture seal, eliminating the need for separate, discrete seals, greatly simplifying installation • Compatible with all state of the art screen removal techniques • No tapering of insulation required • No polishing of polymeric insulation surface • Factory engineered kit permits rapid on-site installation • No mechanical stress at insulation screen cutback • Termination accommodates same bending radius as cable • Visual confirmation of correct assembly sequence possible after installation • Rain skirts can be installed to allow either top or bottom feed • No soldering of earthing accessories required • Unsurpassed performance in polluted environments, proven over three decades • Compatible for use with mechanical and crimp connectors

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