Surge Protection Selection Aid

Surge Protection Selection Aid

OBO Surge Protection Systems

The simple and reliable way to achieve perfect surge protection.

Damage from surge voltages those who consider damage from surge voltages to be caused only by direct lightning strikes with spectacular destruction forget that lightning strikes at distances of up to two kilometres can also cause devastating damage to electronic devices and systems. And even everyday switching operations in the power network, e.g. through major systems, can trigger dangerous surge voltages in the power network.


Causes of damage

  • Direct lightning strike

Direct lightning strikes hit buildings with maximum destructive energy. Around 80% of lightning strikes involve between 30,000 and 100,000 A and can generate surge voltages of several 100,000 V.

  • Remote lightning strike

It is not only direct lightning strikes into a building that are dangerous, but also the more frequent strikes into the surrounding area of buildings. Here, brief voltage increases of millionths of seconds can occur.

  • Switching operations

Switching operations such as switch-on and switchoff operations, the switching of inductive and capacitive loads and the interruption of short-circuit currents generate high surge  voltages. Particularly when production plants, lighting systems or transformers are switched off, electrical equipment located in close proximity can be damaged.





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