Cable ID Printer MK5000

Cable ID Printer MK5000

The MK5000 printers are designed to create durable cable labels suitable for IT data centres, offices, work sites and renovation industry.

In line with the increasing demand for mobility during on-site printing, the printers can now be powered by commercially available nickel-cadmium hydride (Ni-MH) type of batteries.

High Printing Speed, Resolution and Accuracy

The MK5000 can produce up to 55, and 35 printed cable sleeves per minute respectively, with fine line support up to 300 dpi resolution. With up to three adjustable speed settings to obtain the optimum print quality, the printers offer flexibility in scaling of production to meet field requirements. To further enhance productivity, the MK5000 supports distributed printing from a single personal computer using multiple printers, shortening the total printing time for large print jobs. The MK5000 can perform length adjustment as fine as 0.1mm for accurate, precise spacing control.

Flexible Operation Improves Productivity

Providing convenience with a quality finish, the printers support automatic cutting of print media with adjustable depths and cutting speed. Various print patterns, such as framing and selective character orientation are supported to improve quality of finishing. A full-size QWERTY keyboard provides comfort and typing familiarity to support short turnaround time for urgent projects. Additionally, the printers can be set to perform consecutive printing of the same text on every segment, including serial printing. A new 150 m ink ribbon cartridge also helps to enhance productivity and reduce operating costs with fewer interruptions during long print runs.

Improve On-site Work Efficiency with Mobile Printing

Both printers are lightweight and feature built-in handles to improve portability. With the flexibility of running on AC power or external AA size 1.2V Ni-MH batteries, the latter will come in handy where field conditions limit the availability of AC power. Fully charged batteries should produce up to 1000 prints before replacement.


Media Versatility and Wide Range of Tube Sizes Supported 

The MK5000 printers provide excellent support for a variety of print media. They allow printing on materials such as commercially available soft PVC or heat shrink tubes, label tapes, and plates. Tube sizes from ø1.5 to 10 mm are supported.


Printing from PC through Bundled PC Connection Kit

The PC connectivity support of the two printers improves productivity and workflow by allowing users to manage large amounts of data on field laptops and computers. In addition, the PC Connection Kit application supports CSV file formats to improve data conversion and productivity at different work sites.


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