Cable ID Printer

Cable ID Printer

Printer Model                                    



Printing Speed

18.5 mm/s ; 25 mm/s ; 40 mm/s


Processing Speed

30 pcs/min ; 35 pcs/min ; 42 pcs/min



USB 2.0 Full Speed (PC connection kit required)


Built-in Memory Capacity

Storage for character data: about 5,000 characters

Storage for files: about 60,000 characters

Number of folders: 10


Power Supply

AC Adaptor (Input voltage: AC100V – 240V, 50/60 hz)


Maximum Power Consumption     

17.3 W




Printing Method

Thermal Transfer



LCD Graphic Display (160 x 64 dots)


Number of Characters Displayed

10 Characters/line x 2 lines (Full-width)

20 characters/line x 2 lines (Half-width)



300 dpi


Character Input

Alphanumeric, Symbol


Size of Characters

2mm, 3mm, 6mm (Full-Width, Half-Width available for each)


Media Cutting Method

Automatic half cut, automatic full cut


Media Type

PVC Tube, Label Tape, Wrap Around Tape


PVC Tube

ø 2.5 – 6.5mm, 0.5mm thick


Label Tape

Exclusive Cassette (White, Yellow and Silver)

Width: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm; Length: 30m (Silver: 27m)


Wrap Around Tape

Cassette (white in the areas to be printed, transparent in other areas)

Winding length: 8 m, length: 33 mm, width: 6 mm to 150 mm

(adjustable by the cut length setting)


Dimensions (L x D x H)

300L mm x 250Dmm x 85Hmm


Main Body Weight

2 kg – Printer only

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