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  Brands - RAYCHEM

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   Product NameQuoteSpec
  BPTM/BBIT Busbar insulating tube
  RSTI-58 Screened separable connection system 800 A up to 24 kv
  SXSU/SXST/SXSW/SXAW Joints for polymeric insulated cables from 12 kv up to 36 KV
  EPKJ Joints for screened plastic and rubber insulated cables up to 36 KV
  IXSU-F/OXSU-F Heat-shrinkable termination system with non-linear, zinc oxide stress control for polymeric cables up to 24 kv
  CRSM Heat-Shrinkable wraparound system for plastic or sheathed cable repair up to 36 kv
  WCSM Heat-shrink Heavy Wall Insulation And Outer Sealing Sleeve
  MWTM Heat-shrink Medium Wall Tubing
  APKT Heat-shrinkable termination system for cables up to 36 kv
  EPKJ Heat-shrinkable joint system for polymeric and MIND paper insulated cables for up to 1 KV
  Raychem heat-shrinkable halogen-free cable caps for electrical power industry
  Single/3-core Termination Family (IXSU-F3XXX)
  Single/3-core Termination Family (IXSU-F4XXX)
  Earthing Connection/ Assembly (EAKT-16XX)
  CGPT general purpose, flame retarded, thin wall heat-shrinkable tubing


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