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EPKJ Joints for screened plastic and rubber insulated cables up to 36 KV EPKJ Joints for screened plastic and rubber insulated cables up to 36 KV

Raychem EPKJ series of heat shrinkable joints is based on well established, highly reliable, radiation cross linked polymeric tubes which are easy to install, eliminates shelf life limitations even in serve climates and permits immediate back filling of trenches and quick energization. Features & Benefits • Polymeric/elastomeric triple extruded, conducting/insulating joint body ensures higher recovery force and fewer components, improving reliability and simplifying installation. • Insulating, screening and electric field control derived from specially formulated, cross-linked polymeric materials with precisely defined electrical characteristics. • Factory engineered components ensure consistent installations with pre-determined insulation thickness, eliminating installer errors. • No penciling of insulation required, reducing installation time. • Shrinking process drivers out moisture/condensation in the jointing area, ensuring no moisture entrapment within the joint. • Special low viscosity void filler flows and uniformly envelops the connector, creating a smooth profile. • Wide use range of kits ensures fewer kits to cover a range of conductor sizes, reducing inventory.



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