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APKT Heat-shrinkable termination system for cables up to 36 kv APKT Heat-shrinkable termination system for cables up to 36 kv

Over the last three decades, engineers in utilities and industry around the world have specified million’s of Raychem cable terminations at distribution voltages up to 36 kv. Raychem terminations have become identified with reliability because of their unparalleled long-term performance – where it really counts – in the field. Today there are many changes influencing the distribution of power at medium voltages. Features & Benefits • All applications for polymeric and MIND paper on 1-core, 3-core, armoured and unarmoured cables • Red non-tracking Raychem HVOT tubing provides excellent environmental protection • Can be used in combination with Raychem RICS/RCAB/RSRB terminations • Enhanced range-taking ability means that one kit fits more conductor sizes, reducing stocking requirements • Unlimited shelf life allows stocking of economic quantities without product spoilage Simplifield cablets • Components are lightweight and non-shattering • Clear instruction sheets • Fully sealed against water ingress from the environment or from within the conductor strands • Compatible with all state of the art screen removal techniques • No tapering of insulation required • No polishing of polymeric insulation surface • Factory engineered kit permits rapid on-site installation • No mechanical stress at insulation screen cutback • Termination accommodates same bending radius as cable • Visual confirmation of correct assembly sequence possible after installation • Rain skirts can be installed to allow either top or bottom feed • No soldering of earthing accessories required • Unsurpassed performance in polluted environments, proven over three decades



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